20.01.2005 (my work)


Have I already written a complaint about the Irish weather??? I have one - I'm totally bored of it! Everyday the same... wind... ;-(

Today I write something about my work that you can imagine what am I doing here! I've finished my drawing of the staircase in Ringsend - and I show you some pictures of it! At first I photographed the house which needs the stairway (click here) - by the way the man on the roof is my boss - we measured the dimensions which I needed for the drawing.

With this dimensions I could make the drawing - and one of the views you can see here (click here). I think if it's ready, it will looks really nice! For a better understanding I combined the two pictures that you can imagine how it will look (ok, more or less - click here)!

When I'd finished the drawing, they started to build it - and they build each part by themself! Each step, each landing and each part of the balustrade - and thats rather unusual for me because we'd use a lot of prefabricated elements in Germany for a similar construction. But in contrast to some other workers in Ireland they work very exact ;-)

I wish you a nice weekend and I hope you'll enjoy your time...