I wish you a happy new year!

Hello everybody. I'm sitting at the Duesseldorf airport and have to wait 60 minutes for my flight "back" to Dublin. During this time I can write some things about my time in Germany. But at first - I hope you had a nice Christmas and also a great party at New Year's Eve. I had it!

I could see many cities from the sky - Dublin, London - but the nicest one was Berlin! Full of lights and cars and you could see more than 30 kilometres... And the best thing on German airports is the airport service. Now I know the airport service from Dublin, London, Berlin and Duesseldorf - and you need 20 - 30 minutes to get your luggage in Dublin and London... But then I had gone to Berlin and everybody stood in the queue (passport control) - and I could already see my luggage... The same thing here in Duesseldorf... Wow!

I had arrived Berlin 60 minutes too late - but then I saw my girlfriend and so everything was right ;-) During the Christmas days I could sleep very much and I could eat very much (maybe too much). On Monday I went to a concert from a German band - and this was fantastic. They played good music even though they didn't play any Irish song! But the biggest disadvantage was the air... And I missed Ireland in this thing. The whole air was full of smoke... Awful...

Then I watched the movies "The Incredibles" and "Ocean's Twelve" - and I can recommend both. The first one is funny, thrilling and with a good story - even though it's an animated movie. The last one is a movie full of great actors, jokes and you can feel the fun which they had while making this movie!

My plane is over 1 hour late ;-( So I hope I'll arrive in Dublin city centre before 23.30!

Finally - my New Year's Eve was also great. We had a nice party and of course, a nice fireworks - and so I hope that 2005 will be a very good year for you, my friends and me!

During my time in Germany I didn't improve my English - please sorry for the mistakes! I saved this text also as a file. If you want, you can correct this file and send it back to me...