Hello (03.01.05)

I'm back in Dublin! I arrived at the airport at half past 10 and after that I had to wait over 30 Minutes until I got my luggage ;-( So my Bus reached the city centre at 23.35 - too late! But ok, I could get a taxi and today I could sleep long!

But the only really bad thing here is the f.. stormy wind! You walk through Dublin - and Dublin is around you... And then I read the Newspaper today - about the accident at the Dublin airport and I'm happy to be here ;-)

Now it's late, I'm watching "The Astronauts Wife" and I'm writing some words for you. But I'll go to bed now because tomorrow morning starts my work experience and I want to be well rested ;-) I'll write you about this in the next days so - have a nice week!

...and if you want to correct me - here is the file...