Hello (12.01.05)

Let me start with a question - how do you feel about the weather? Since I'm back in Ireland it's unbelieveable. I didn't know before that it could be stormy for such a long time - and everytime I think it's becoming better the next day is getting worse.

But since I'm working I know a warm place to stay here in Dublin - the room I work in. The work that I do is very interesting (for me ;-). The company I work for is planning and manufacturing stairways, fire exits, railings and balustrades and the staff is very helpful and friendly (eventhough the company is in Tallaght ;-)

During my first days I learned the drawing program and eventhough I know the same program in the German version - it's a little bit difficult. If you work with this program you enter some commands and in the German version these commands are in English... But in the English version you have to enter different commands - and that's very confusing!

Actually I do the drawing for a fire escape stairway in Ringsend. The only problem with this thing - Ringsend is on the other side of Dublin... and you need around 45 minutes to visit this place - by car!

So - I hope you're enjoying your time (in Dublin, in your country or wherever) and I wish you all the best!